UK-designed and -assembled by our experienced engineers

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Sophisticated and stable vehicle tracking system
Advanced GPS technology provides a precise vehicle position and transmits critical data over a real-time Internet connection. It includes a range of advanced functions to ensure a vehicle receives optimum coverage.

The vehicle's location at any given time is pin-pointed on the advanced street mapping and satellite imaging program, Microsoft® Virtual Earth™.

Tracked vehicles are then displayed on the map, covering Europe accurate down to 10 metres.


Dedicated liveTracking servers
Our inhouse programmers have incorporated the liveTracking software into our own dedicated co-location servers. This provides our customers with the fastest and most responsive data tracking.

Running on a rock-solid Linux platform also means that the liveTracking servers never misses a movement from our customer's vehicles.

Also, there is no software installation required on the customer's computer to view the position of the vehicles, and can be accessed remotely from any location in the world.